About the two of us

What?! You're going to Africa? Well... Our friends and family reacted in many different ways when we told them about our plan, some were shaking heads, some were enthusiastic. But all of them shared one thought: "Typical for those two, always marching to a different tune."

Of course, we like that. :-)


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Alexandra is the artist-soul, they call her "Mama" and she is it for everybody somehow. She loves everything about colours, human beings and nature.


Alexandra has endured so many stormy situation in her life, even literally on her boat on the sea, thats why she is even here in africa on her own.

The typical 3 personal attitudes ?


  • she has a heart of gold
  • unbelievable creative
  • intuitive sensing


Mario is the organisor and never resting motor of the project. If something goes wrong somewhere, everybody believs he is the one to get the things back on track.


He is getting a headache if you mention social media but has a real one instead of a virtual one. He has the talents which one needs to survice in africa.

The typical 3 personal attitudes?


  • multitalented
  • perseveringly
  • empathic

The Team

Our Team is dedicated and emanates authentic happiness you can experience as our guest


We deliberately engage local kenyans from different tribes and cultures as well as of different ages. Some grew up in our neighbourhood and others come from far upcountry.


What they have  in common is their kindliness and their helpfulness which you are offered as our guest at any occasion.