Safari - an unforgettable experience!

Safari - a "must" in Africa! Experience wonderful nature, observe wild animals in their natural habitat, be amazed of all the wonders - that's safari ! A touching experience which you will never forget...

Besides Tansania, Kenya is the perfect country for safaris. Nowhere else in the world you can observe such a pristine nature, such a great variety of animals and such overwhelming colours and views all without a fence! Perhaps it's one of the last privileges of our generation to be able to go on safari tours in the open wild...


Of course you need a trustworthy partner to plan a safari tour. There are lot's of offers, some are astonishingly cheap, others very luxurious. What really counts for us is:


  • a individual advice before booking your tour - we can respond to your very own ideas and demands!
  • an experienced company which organises the tour.
  • reliable and safe drivers and well-trained, competent guides
  • reliable and well-equipped vehicles
  • a good choice of tours and parks, depending on how much time you want to spend
  • individual tours with few people per vehicle (maximum 4-6 people)

We, your hosts Alexandra & Mario, already took part in many safari tours. Most of them in our own vehicle, far from typical tourist routes. In a journy of three years we spent uncountable miles in southequatorial Africa and have a lot of experience when it comes to travelling in Africa.

Of course we share our experience with you to make sure, you get the most from your safari tour. Furthermore we organise our safaris togheter with a specialised provider we know personally. This combination of personal experience and collaboration with successful specialists provides the biggest possible guarantee for a unforgettable safari tour. We are sure it will touch your soul and leave you enthusiastic!


You can book your safari right here, while your stay or already before you get here via e-mail, for example if you want to start your Africa-vacation with a safari. Generally speaking there are 3 kinds of safaris in our region.

  1. The one-day-safari in the Shimba-Hills-National-Park, starting and ending in our resort.
  2. A safari lasting several days with 4x4 Landcruiser vehicles, starting and ending in our resort. These usually take 3 - 5 days. For the night you can choose between more luxurios lodges or simple camps. On demand it is possible to combine such a safari with a tour over the border to the famous parks in Tanzania. Then you'll need between 1 week and 10-14 days.
  3. A "Air-Safari". These start at the local airport (about 25 minutes by car - we bring and take you there) and will take you to the famous "Masai Mara". The small aircrafts land on small runways in the park and from there you will be taken to the lodge of choice by 4x4-vehicles.


Talking about prices you'll face big differences. To give you a vague idea of what such a safari could cost, here some non-binding prices.

  1. One-day safari in the Shimba Hills, including lunch in the park lodge and entrance fees: about 120 €
  2. A 3-day safari tour with 4x4 vehicles (for example to the Amboseli Park, Tsavo East/west) incuding all costs, overnight stay in a lodge: about 600 - 1000€
  3. A 3-day safari tour with a plane, including flight, meals, overnight stay, transport to the airport and back: about 1000 - 2000€ (depends a lot on the lodge you choose)

Again, these prices are just an estimation to give you an idea. Of course we will make an individual offer with detailed prices for you if you are interested in one of the safaris.


We are looking forward to organise your personal safari!