Our vision

Life in the (western) world is changing more and more rapidly. What was given yesterday, might be gone today.

Requirements on the job are raising. Availability anytime, flexibility and keeping track with any actual development are seen as normal.

At the same time, salaries are more and more based just on performance. Older and more expensive employees are fired and replaced with younger personal. (Unpaid) overtime is more and more a symbol of a loyal worker.


In addition, relations and socials structures are changing. Lifelong relationships are more and more an exception, just as families with more then two or three kids. Partners are changed faster then before and are chosen on dating-platforms, pre-sorted by detailed requirements.


Avoiding disappointment or wasting time became more important because we're always in a hurry and have to plan and structure our daily life.


As a consequence more and more people in the so-called western world are worn-out, work too much and feel powerless, empty. They lose hope and are looking for concepts and ways to "fight" those "symptoms".

Even before calling it "burn-out" people start taking medicaments or go to the doctor. They attend relaxing-training or seek help in psychological supervision remaining in questioning themselves: Who to move on? What can I do, what can I change?


Many start having this "feeling in their stomach", this feeling of having to let go, needing time for themselves, needing a vacation or - as we would call it - a time-out to get back to a healthy work-life-balance. Problem is, very few of us have the possibility to take a (paid) sabbatical of weeks or months that would be needed to get back to a "healthy lifestyle".


In our eyes, our time-out-art-camp is the perfect place to use the time you've got in not just a "normal" holiday-experience with a full timetable of activities but more in a meaningful way in terms of real recreation.

Here you can follow your individual path of finding your inner self or inner peace, no matter if painting, meditation, contemplating, being creative or exchanging with other cultures is the best way for you.


Of course, we also offer activities as an additional feature. But our main goal is to provide the possibility and the space for real relaxation, contemplating and finding inner peace.


Our philosophy

Live is always challenging - let's take these challenges!

Some of them might be easier, some of them tend to bring us to our limits.

We learn ways to cope with success and failure and hope to be prepared for the next time. But life never stays the same and neither do the challenges we have to face.


Sometimes we might wish to plan our life in order to reach our goals more easily but most of the time these plans don't really work out as we imagined. We are naturally driven in our urge to find safety, appreciation, love and perfection but sometimes seeking satisfaction can get very exhausting and it can bring us to the edge of despair.


If we learn, not just with our minds, but deep in our heart, that it's ourselves being in imbalance and not the world around us, then things will  start to calm down. Even Gothes "Mephisto" told "Faust" (confronting him with his shadows) honestly: "In the end you are  who you are..!"


Of course ART is one of the most important things for us. You'll meet art in every corner here: small details in the surroundings, the decorations of the rooms, the design of the "Bandas", on the walls of the lounge, even in places you might not expect it. Sometimes you'll meet art in the form of wonderful paintings, sometimes as special sculptures, sometimes as furniture or even the wall of a shower.

Art pushes your senses to next level and raises emotions. That's what it is all about here in our lodge - dive into it!

To help you getting involved we offer individual seminars, therapies and coachings. Of course you don't have to book one of these offers. You can also just come here and find your own way to enjoy our wonderful Time-Out Art-Camp.


Our philosophy is to give you the suitable space to relax, feel good, find inner peace, contemplate and think about yourself or your life. We are no therapy-center but see our lodge as a spce to be filled by your needs and wishes. We don't want to teach you but allow you to find your own ways, your own truth and encourage you to find the best path for your future.


No matter if you're struggling with your job, relationship, family or other parts of your life. After your stay here you'll feel more realxed, more secure and perhaps you'll have found some knowledge or tools to help yourself dealing with everyday life.

Most importantly we hope you'll be able to look back at a joyful, charming, touching, sensual, funny and relaxing time with us!


Sustainability, social engagement and ecological approach in general are very important for us.
Not just because it's popular at the moment, but because during our journies we experienced what happens when society fails to gain a "balance between humans and nature". But most of all we experienced how wonderful it is, when you're living harmonically with nature.


In tourism it is very important to think about what your idea of a good holiday (or time out) means for the environment. It is also important for us (europeans) to reflect our social and ethical behaviour in a foreign culture as here in Africa. This is quite a challenge as our "western" ways of thinking and doing stuff sometimes might be just wrong here.


Therefore we took our time to find the best place to bring our vision to life. After 3 years of searching, travelling and talking to people we found the perfect spot. We are proud to say it suits all our premises:


  • rural area with unimpaired nature
  • integration in a village - far from mass tourism
  • creating jobs for the locals
  • wonderful property with 500 years old plants and trees
  • not chopping down a single tree to build our buildings
  • old buildings were unbuilt and nearly all of the materials were reused
  • "upcycling" the old furniture instead of buing new


Our ecological and social concept is based on the following points:


  • Avoiding plastic wherever possible and using local renewable, recycleable resources
  • Waste segregation and Recycling
  • Laundry with eco-friendly detergents so we can use the used water in our garden
  • Organic farmic with permaculture, without using herbicides or pesticides. We use natural plant protection such as neem, garlic and chili.
  • Saltwater-pool
  • LED-lamps, motion sensors, light sensors und timer switches to reduce power consumption
  • We measure power consumption in different spots of the buildings to improve devices and setups.
  • Using solar energy for warm water
  • Using mostly "upcycled", easy to repair furniture
  • Our restaurant kitchen is working with organic products wherever possible and if possible uses products from our own garden.
  • Organic eggs from our own chickens
  • Seafood from local fishermen working sustainable
  • Sustainable offers for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians
  • Own, non-treated drinking water
  • Changing linen when the customer wishes instead of daily.


Our social engagement is our daily business:


In friendly interaction with the locals we support socially disadvantaged inhabitants, neighbours and we help with environmental protection, collecting trash and giving people training.

The contracts with our local coworkers suit the local laws and are mostly better then what's requested by law. The salaries are over-average and we consider the individual social responsibilities (family for example). We have funds for medical emergencies and all regular workers are insured.


Of course we are not perfect. We learn more and more every day and this belongs to really living our vision. Our goal is not perfection, but progress and improvement are.  We grow with our guests, coworkers and friends.



Acting sustainable is in everybodies interest. If it wasn't for the lack of knowledge, carelessness and perfectionism, we'd be much more easily engaged in taking care of nature. Developping a typical African patience and humility can help here: We don't have to be perfect from the first day on. Every start, every small action is an important step towarts a more sustainable society and can keep us motivated to find new ideas!