Our "Organic Fruit - Forest" !

Our Time-Out Art-Camp is not just a wonderful place to stay, enjoy and relax. Our 20'000 m2 park is basically a fruit-forest containing of a roundabout of 120 coconut trees, more the 50 mango trees, 70 lemon, grapefruit, orange and lime trees. Ananas plants and banana trees are filling the gaps and you can even find some exotic fruits such as juckfruit, sapodilla, guava or starfruit when you're enjoying a relaxing walk in our park!


Take a walk in our fruit forest and enjoy fresh exotic fruits directly from the tree or let yourself get carried away by the bewitching smell of the frangipani-trees!


An important extra for us is, that our trees are growing orcanic since 30 years. The pevious owners of the property never used chemical pesticides or herbicides and of course we wont use those either. We just use local, organic products to care for our plants. For example we use a tea, made from Neem, Garlic and Chili to get rid of many natural enemies ("Doodoos" as they call them here). Of course we sometimes loose some fruits or vegetables to our tropical "enemies". But we can (and have to) live with that - our motto is: we don't lose, we win or learn more!


In that way, we can serve many tasty, fresh, organic and sustainable fruits and vegtables - for your and natures well-being!