Organic permaculture garden


In our plantation area we created an organic garden, following the concept of permaculture. Because of the sandy, soft grounds here on the coast of Kenya, the succesful plantation of many fruits and vegetables is quite difficult.


The aim of our garden is to be able to supply our guests with high-quality, organic products.

Having hundrets of fruit- and coconut-trees, we harvest more then we can use ourselves and so we also sell some organic products in the local markets and to some chosen restaurants and hotels.  There's also a demand for our organic vegetables, but so far we haven't managed to produce enough.

When we harvest lots of fruits we also make our  popular sirup, fresh fruit juice (with no added ingredients, no sugar and not even water!), or jam (mango-vanilla, chikoo- or grapefruit-jam). Having some years of experience now we also managed to grow egg plants, pepper, radish, tomatoes, basil, coriander, dill, carrots and some more herbs.


In last months we also started a small production of coconut oil, coconut flakes and some other - sometimes experimental products. Here we really are at the very beginnings, even though the first results are quite promising.


As our guest you can of course enjoy all of these products. Or you might want to can help make coconut oil? Or harvest fruits with some locals? Or watch the local professional harvesting coconuts? No problem! Perhaps this will help you relax and drifting into other thoughts. However you like it, enjoy our garden, you are welcome!


Karibu sana (welcome) !